Launching brings to mind images of spaceships, moving into a first apartment, or setting a new sailboat on its first voyage.  The McCluskey HRPlus launch is anchored around officially introducing our business and sharing more about our HR consulting, advisory, and coaching services to the world.

McCluskey HRPlus, started by Betsy McCluskey in 2020, continues to grow in impact and results.  Offerings include HR-related services in areas including HR transformation and development, workforce planning and analytics, and creating skills-based organizations.  Recognized as a thought leader, McCluskey HRPlus helps clients quickly benefit from the integration of innovative practices, strategic insights, and engagement in achieving their goals.

Please join us for a series of activities during Launch Week, including hearing more about our services and client stories.  Plus, you will have an opportunity to receive a McCluskey HRPlus journal.