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Examples of how we help our clients:

  • Aligning HR strategy and priorities to the overall company strategy
  • Implementing a customized and integrated Workforce Planning program
  • Building a skills-based organization to enable workforce analytics, targeted employee development, and recruitment
  • Developing and launching career paths to drive retention, recruitment, and employee engagement
  • Advising HR leaders and teams on industry, HR, and environmental trends
  • Bringing expertise to client teams through collaboration on HR functional areas

McCluskey HRPlus Services


HR Advisory

We partner with HR Executives and Directors as a trusted advisor bringing a systems and growth mindset perspective to enable achievement of professional and organizational goals.


HR Strategy

We build and develop HR Strategy in conjunction with HR leaders, ensuring alignment with organizational strategy and current HR- and societal trends.


HR Development

We translate strategy into action and results by identifying opportunities to align HR services, processes, and technology into effective and efficient delivery.


Skills-based Organization Programs

We design, create, and build client-specific programs to better enable organizations to put skills, competencies, and proficiencies as the cornerstone of talent management and development.  Program components may include topics such as skills framework, proficiency alignment; career paths, skill adjacency, results of which support recruitment, interviewing, workforce planning, talent development, and directly impact employee experience. 


Workforce Planning & Analytics

We leverage proven workforce planning methodology to build, develop, and implement client-specific workforce planning programs, identifying opportunities to better leverage workforce analytics with market-based data to support investment decisions and process improvements.


Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

As a certified coach, we provide executive, leadership, and health and wellness coaching.  We support the client by creating a supportive environment, challenging assumptions, setting goals, developing approaches, and enabling the client to identify and be accountable for action items to achieve their goals.

HR Strategy

• HR Strategic Planning
• Workforce Planning
• Succession Planning
• Talent Management
• Skills-based Organizations
• Organization Design

HR Functions & Programs

• HR Technology

• HR Processes

• Career Paths

• Skills Taxonomy

• Performance Management

• Leadership Development

• Learning and Development

• Wellbeing

• Employee Engagement

• HR Analytics and Insights

• Compensation

• Culture


• New Executive

• Leadership

• Performance

• Career

• Change

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